Zoo Ambassador Programme

The objective of the Zoo ambassador Programme is to provide an opportunity for the students to learn about Identification of animal species, characteristic features, habitat, role of the animals in maintaining the ecological sustainability, importance of Zoo in conservation and various other Zoo activities. After the training, the Zoo Ambassadors will become the Ambassador of Vandular Zoo and will involve themselves in educating their School groups, friends and family carrying the message of wildlife conservation.

The Zoo School has introduced new type of education–cum-awareness camp for school children enabling them to become Zoo Ambassadors. Zoo Ambassador programme is conducted throughout the year. In the month of April – May (Summer Camp) and December (Winter Camp) and special camp for government School students. So far more than 1000 students got trained by this Programme. In this Programme, Zoo School organizes an interactive session with the field experts and expose the students on topics related to the wildlife conservation, covering various topics on Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes and Butterflies. On successful completion of this programme, the students will be titled as “Zoo Ambassadors of Vandular Zoo” with Zoo Ambassador Badge and Zoo passport. The Zoo passport includes 10 free visits with one-year validity. They can also contribute their articles to the Zoo Ambassador column of the Zoo Newsletter. The registration of the camp will be hosted on the Zoo Website through online portal. The students will be provided with educational kit. Each of these sessions are handled by the Zoo Experts (Biologists/Veternarians) and Experts are also invited from various reputed institutions and organizations like TANUVAS, SACON(Coimbatore), Snake Park, Madras Crocodile Trust ,NGOs ..etc