Zoo School Activities

A notable achievement of the AAZP management is the formation of the Zoo School. It aims at conducting education awareness classes on regular basis to the students. During the year 2016-2017 the park had conducted – Zoo outreach programmes for 4 schools in which 865 students have participated. In Zoo school programmes, the park had conducted 175 programmes in which 18335 students have participated. The zoo school programmes are now attracting several schools, which wish to enroll for the programmes on regular basis.

The zoo club was started in 19.09.1998 with the objective of encouraging voluntaries service for the improvement and development of zoo. Every volunteer has been provided with ID card and cap. The volunteers have been regularly rendering service in their holidays and weekends. The volunteers assigned the work of screening plastic from the visitors, educating and guiding the public, prevention of teasing and feeding the animals.