Best Practices

The converted compost is utilized as manure for the fodder bank and for regeneration and maintenance of lawns and trees. A team comprised of 4 people collects the garbage and is being transported by a tractor to the dump yard every day. The visitors are being screened at the entrance for plastics. The plastics are replaced with paper bags. The biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes are separated and carefully dumped in the waste disposable decomposition yard. The decomposed manures are being used for enrichment of fodder bank and other planting works. All the waste recycled from Hippopotamus and Aviaries are properly utilized for irrigation purpose. Feed are carried in green plastic tub and wastes are carried away by red bins. The raised stainless steel feed and water troughs are being provided to all herbivores with roofed sheet to avoid contamination of food.

The zoo is bounded by wall on all sides. Regular patrolling of animal enclosures, stores and other buildings is conducted by the security staff and special night patrol parties are deployed to safeguard the zoo property. Night security is being carried out under the head of one Range officer and other subordinates every day.

Hence the rusted iron gates and grills were replaced with stainless steel material to ensure safety and durability as directed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister and Chair person of Zoo Authority of Tamil Nadu. This is the first of its kind to be done in any zoo in the country.

Extensive networking of rain water harvesting structures numbering 28 have been carried out to capture entire precipitation falling in the zoo.

The Central Zoo Authority has provided funds for developing surveillance system in zoo as part of funding under the “Centre For Excellence” and all works have been completed and closed circuit cameras have been installed at ten vulnerable points to monitor free ranging animals inside the zoo, stray animals like dog, movement of feed and meat for zoo animals and other illegal trespassers. CCTV surveillance cameras are fitted in the following places inside the zoo:-

1. Ticket counter
2. Aquarium junction
3. Indian gaur junction
4. Sloth bear road junction
5. Vedanthangal birds aviary junction
6. Serpentarium
7. Veterinary Hospital road junction
8. Range No.II office
9. Pongal gate
10. Quarters gate