Special Attractions

Lion and Deer Safari Parks
  • The method of the exhibition of animals in modern Zoological parks has evolved in such a way that the animals are exhibited in near-natural surroundings.
  • The evolution of the exhibition of animals has come through the stages of cage and island enclosures and later evolved as Safari Parks.
  • By doing so, not only do the animals enjoy their freedom in the environment, but also it gives a thrilling experience to the visiting public.
  • The Park has a lion and deer safari for visitors and the park has a plan of establishing a new Safari for Tigers and Gaur in the upcoming years.
Walk Through Aviary
  • Opened in 2010 in the name of Bio Centre it is spread over 1.5 acres.
  • The facility features 15 Meters tall fences to facilitate the free flight of birds within the area.
  • It supports 22 tree and shrub species, fruit-bearing trees such as Mango, Pomegranate, Guava, Sapota, Jamun and Singapore Cherry for fruit-eating birds. The aviary is provided with a mud bath facility for the birds, in addition to artificial waterfalls.
  • Spot Your Favorite Bird and we have Got More surprises for you.
Forest Museum
  • Sections of the herbarium, insectarium, portraits, soils, rocks, seeds, artifacts, etc., have been established for display in the museum.
  • Suitable arrangements have been made in such a manner that all the visitors will pass through the museum while exiting from the Zoo.
  • The shark-modeled aquarium, with its entrance and exit points in the form of the gills of the shark, is set amidst a pond and it houses 31 species of ornamental fishes.
  • The interior of the aquarium has been renovated.
Nocturnal Animal House
  • The Nocturnal Animal House is a cave-modeled enclosure suitable for housing night animals.
  • The park is in the process of re-establishing the nocturnal animal house with a new enclosure under the funding of CSR.
  • Slender Loris, Porcupines, Civet Cats and Owls are the star attractions of the nocturnal animal house.
Reptile Session
  • The reptile session of the Zoo exhibits all five groups of reptiles.
  • The reptile session begins with turtles and tortoises and ends with crocodiles.
  • The serpertarium is constructed in the shape of a snake with a glass view: it is one of the top-rated serpertariums in the country.
  • Exhibiting venomous & non-venomous snakes and exotic lizards.
  • Anaconda, King Cobra enclosures and underwater gharial gallery are more popular among the visitors.
Exotic Birds
  • AAZP exhibits a good collection of exotic birds, which includes varying sub-species of macaws, cockatiels, cockatoos, parrots and many other colorful birds.
Walk Through Aviary: Biocentre
  • Around 50 birds of different species including Alexandrine Parakeet, Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Blue Rock Pigeon, Common Myna, Indian Koel, Common Babbler, White-Browed Bulbul, Red-Vented Bulbul, Red-Whiskered Bulbul, Pipit, Little Brown Dove and Spotted Dove.
  • The walk through Aviary creates a natural environment allowing the birds to fly around freely.
  • In this large enclosure, the birds can be seen in flight, preening their wings, breeding also takes place here.
  • Visitors can walk through this enclosure and observe the birds and their interesting behavior
Butterfly Park
  • The butterfly park is located near Otteri Lake western part of the Zoo.
  • The park nectar and host plant gardens and an indoor conservatory have been established over an area of well-fenced 2.7 hectares.
  • Butterfly parks in Zoological parks serve as a window through which visitors watch nature and get inspired to become conservationists and future custodians of nature.
  • The butterflies are important pollinators of several wild and domesticated plants and depletion of their population could adversely affect the regeneration of the plants.
  • An indoor conservatory in a shape of a caterpillar to the size of 60 m in length, 26 m in width and height of 6 m has been constructed with a roof of white polycarbonate sheet to allow natural sunlight to pass onto the ground.
  • A predator insect-proof stainless steel mesh has been provided all around the structure.
  • A double-door system has been provided to prevent the escape of the butterflies.
  • Nectar and host plant gardens have been provided outside the indoor conservatory to supply breeding materials to the indoor conservatory.
  • Common Mormon, Emigrant, Plain Tiger, Striped Tiger and Glossy Blue Tiger are very commonly seen butterflies in the park
Children's Park
  • A FunZone to keep children engaged near the battery vehicle ticket counter
  • Children'S Park – Play area in Arignar Anna Zoological Park which is a Kids friendly zone & where parents can take a breather after an exhausting day exploring wildlife and nature.
  • With all amenities to ensure keep Kids entertained with all safety measures, Why Not your Kids have their Day out Too?!!
Forest Birds
  • The Zoo has exhibited various forest birds that live in terrestrial habitats.
  • The park is in the process of upgrading the infrastructure of the forest bird exhibits
Wetland Aviary
  • The park exhibits the Point Calimere and Vedantangal Bird Aviary; these enclosures exhibit around 25 species of wetland birds.
  • Sufficient nesting materials are provided for the birds during the breeding season and the birds are bred naturally.
  • The park also releases surplus birds into the wild after attaining proper permission from CWLW.