Zoo Rules

  • Zoo visitors are requested to obey the Zoo rules and guidelines and adhere to the instructions on the signboards in the Zoo.
  • Zoo rules are created for the safety and welfare of visitors and Zoo animals. Anyone who violates the rules and guidelines will be penalized.
  • We reserve the right to inspect any item brought inside the Zoo property.
  1. The Zoo is litter-free, plastic -free and smoke-free zone
  2. No pets are allowed inside the Zoo
  3. Do not feed Zoo animals or throw things at animals or tease the Zoo animals. If found it is punishable under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 Section 51 Penalties.
  • Any person who contravenes the provisions of section 38J shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with a fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both: Provided that in the case of a second or subsequent offense, the term of imprisonment may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to five thousand rupees.
  1. Do not cross the stand-off barriers, fences and Security walls.
  2. Do not enter the Zoo with Polythene bags, plastic bottles, firecrackers, etc.
  3. Do not play any audio system inside the Zoo.
  • Children should be supervised by their parents/guardians at all times Selling of any items is prohibited in the Parking area and entrance without proper permission from authorities.
  • The Zoo reserves the right to refuse admission or to ask people to leave the park if their behavior is aggressive towards the other visitors or the operation of the Zoo.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Be sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring a refillable water bottle to use at any of our RO water refill stations throughout the Zoo.
  • Cooked food items are not allowed inside the Zoo premises. Visitors can have their homemade food in the dining area near the parking.
  • Packed food items in polythene covers should not be brought into Zoo premises
  • Restaurants, canteen and food stalls are available at easily accessible locations.
  • Download Vandalur mobile app for Zoo navigation, animal information, ticket booking, to watch animal live streaming and to adopt Zoo animals. It can be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Book tickets online to avoid standing in the queue
  • Gaja ChatBot is available on the website to answer any of your queries
  • Luggage or personal belongings can be placed in the cloakroom near the entrance free of cost
  • BOVs are allocated based on a first come first basis only. After purchase of BOV tickets Visitors are advised to cooperate with the management. During weekends/public holidays, BOV waiting time could be longer due to the increased number of visitors.
  • Visitors can adopt Zoo animals his/ her choice through the Zoo website or by reaching the Forest Range office- IV

Seasonal Alert

  • Summer( April to June) are moderate to very hot. Wear light cotton clothes.
  • During the rainy season (Aug to November) bring an umbrella or raincoat based on the weather forecast. During the rainy season avoid standing under the tree and move to the nearby rest sheds in the Zoo.
  • Winters are moderately cool
  • The average time required to spend in the Zoo is 4 to 5 hrs
  • Zoo by walk – 3 to 4 hrs
  • Zoo by cycle – 2 to 3 hrs
  • Zoo by BOV – 45 mins to 1 hr