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News & Events Details

News & Events Name : Day 2 - Online Painting Contest

About :
Wildlife week celebrations - Online Painting Contest

Date : 03 October 2021

Duration : 2021-10-03 To 2021-10-03

Description :

As part of Wildlife week celebrations - 2021, Arignar Anna Zoological Park is organising an online painting contest, on 3rd October 2021 from 8 am to 6pm. Any medium of painting can be used.


Online Painting Contest Winners

Category - Kg to class 2
1st Prize: Kahashwa
2nd Prize: Kowshik

Category - Class 3 to 5
1st Prize: Nirvighna peetha
2nd Prize: Vedashri Wilamba
3rd Prize: Thiyakshwa

Category - Class 6 to 8
1st Prize: Akshitha chelladurai
2nd Prize: Kumar amrit mishra
3rd Prize: Sai Siddarth singh
3rd Prize: Ch.Junali

Category - Class 9 to 12
1st Prize: Aisha panda
2nd Prize: Akshaya padmakrishna
3rd Prize: Shiren.S

Category - Others
1st Prize: Tulika Panda
2nd Prize: Riya Jain
3rd Prize: Sourav Bhowmick