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News & Events Name : World Migratory Bird Day - May 13th, 2023

About :
World Migratory Bird Day - May 13th, 2023

Date : 13 May 2023

Duration : 2023-05-13 To 2023-05-13

Description :

World Migratory Bird Day is an awareness day observed on the 13th of May to increase awareness about migratory birds and emphasize the importance of international collaboration in preserving their habitats and ensuring their conservation. The theme for the year 2023 is, “Water: Sustaining Bird Life” which focuses on the importance of water for migratory birds.  

On this day, let's join hands with individuals and communities and contribute in the many ways we can to conserve the aquatic ecosystems because the vast majority of migratory birds rely on them during their life cycles.